Upperclassmen offer some advice to underclassmen

“Use your time wisely in class and don’t think you have time to catch up because assignments come faster and faster.”

—junior Tessa Eifert


“I would tell the new sophomores to start doing time management before they get into the high school. Create a schedule for themselves so they don’t fall behind on their work but still have time for their after school activities as well as the weekends. I’d also tell them to have a studying method.”

—junior Johnn’a Wiggins


“OK, my advice to the incoming sophomores is to literally not stress over school right out the jump. Getting your priorities straight is important, but letting go, having fun and truly just enjoy your years as a high schooler is more important. These times go by fast, and damaging your mental health or social life over something that in your final years wouldn’t be what you’re thinking about isn’t worth it. In reality, you remember the bonds, memories and real friends you made. By the way, put yourself first before anything even school work. So to wrap it up, everything is going to feel new, but instead of trying to figure it all out within the first year, live in the moment and experience the change with joy and open eyes for the unexpected.”

—junior Josephine Jarwolo 


“The advice I will give to the new students will be be patient, work hard, do your best because I know high school is not easy, but you got this.”

—senior Jobon Rubon 


“Advice I will give to incoming sophomore is try new things even if you’re scared to do something or try something.You don’t have to stick through it, especially with extracurricular if you really don’t want to, but not trying means that you’re never going to have that opportunity.”

—senior Charlie VanHooreweghe 



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