Seniors react to freshmen letters to themselves

As the seniors’ high school careers come to a close, some students are receiving their freshman letters back. These letters were written by some students in their freshman year to their future selves. Here are some responses of how seniors reacted to reading their letter to themselves. 

“It felt weird reading a letter from old me. I was surprised I didn’t write more, but from what I wrote, there were a lot of things I hoped to do better. Relationship and friendship-wise, I had hoped to be successful, and I made my old self proud. I liked reading it because I could reflect on all my growth as a person from freshman year to now.”

—Katie Waltz

“I was excited because it brought me back to the old inside jokes I had. I wrote a lot there. I predicted some future events. It was fun to remember back to freshman year. I predicted Fortnite season 20. I asked myself if I had a good job and if I was a good student. ”

—Yonas Bursch

“My reaction was that I was really proud of myself for the long way I’ve come. I wish I would’ve written more in my letter. I wrote that I was really nervous about going to college and graduating. I said I had a good friend group and that I must be excited to be done with school.”  

—Mackenzie Wilson

“I did not have a good reaction. I was in a really bad place at the time of writing it. My letter told me to stay with an ex partner who ended up SAing me and cheating on me with my cousin. I had a very unpleasant reaction. I look back at my letter now, and I am thankful for not being that person anymore. My reaction was just pure cringe.”

—Sal Engel

“I laughed when reading mine. I asked myself if my room is clean now, which it is not. I also asked if I still walk a lot. I don’t go on walks very much anymore. I just drive where I need to go. I asked myself if my friend was still in love with Trippie Redd since she said she’d never stop being obsessed. She is not anymore, so that phase did end. I asked myself if I would get another dog, which I did.”

—KD Waltz

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