Horizon: Zero Dawn immerses players in enthralling world of discovery

Humanity has collapsed and machined creatures roam through ruins of the old world. Humanity has broken down into a new society that worships old society as gods and harvests old ruins for resources. What happened? Where did everyone go? What are these machines? These are all questions you explore in Gurriella games’ Horizon: Zero Dawn. 

You play as Aloy, an outcast from Nora Society. You start the game as a younger version of Aloy to train and learn how to use the movement controls and weapons. After you learn the basic controls, you fast forward to a few years later and Aloy is going to enter the proving, a contest where if she wins she can have her status of outcast revoked. 

The game features future technology like a focus, which is a device that analyzes the environment around Aloy. You have to scavenge for resources and harvest natural materials to craft things like outfits, weapons and ammunition. You will encounter dangerous machines and lots of interesting characters.

The story roped me in in my first playthrough, and I found myself invested with hours passing in seconds. I would rate Horizon Zero Dawn 5 out of 5 stars. The story is investing, the graphics are beautiful, the environment is enthralling and the mechanics are engaging. 

Horizon Zero Dawn Forbidden West is the next installment in the series currently only out on PS5 and takes place in a more tropical setting with new machines and a brand new environment. I look forward to playing this game when it releases on PC.

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