Childhood favorite The Land of Stories still worth reading

“…a villain is just a victim whose story hasn’t been told,” wrote Chris Colfer, the author of the famous book series, The Land of Stories

For me and many others, this book series is a golden part of our childhood. Colfer creates a magical make-believe world for all of his readers. He shares the stories of all fairy tale heroes and villains, all in one unique package. 

The series as a whole is about the Bailey twins and their journey through the Land of Stories. It all starts when their grandmother gives them a book that later on opens up to be a portal to the mysterious world of fairy tales. Alex and Conner Bailey, the twins, fall into the portal and are trapped in this new world. They meet all sorts of creatures and people and even some of the worst villains in the history of fairy tales. They have to try to find their way back to their home world. This is only what happens in the first of five books: The Wishing Spell. Alex and Conner Bailey have many adventures ahead of them in the Land of Stories. 

I would recommend this book to any young teenager. It’s a comfort book. Despite all of the magic and creativity Colfer brings into this series, he also shares many valuable lessons for today’s youth—lessons that have to do with loved ones and doing what’s right. I strongly believe that this series is a must read for all young people in today’s society. It’s like being in your own magical world.

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