Born to Shine open house showcases Orchard Hill student art

Last Monday, May 23, Orchard Hill Elementary showcased their students at Born to Shine. Every kid makes a project or presentation of some kind to showcase their skills and things they like. Teachers have helped students for the past few weeks and students worked on their projects in school and at home. The art teacher Lauren (Selmer-)Nolte had every student in the school make an art project that was neon or fluorescent. 

Principal Andrea Christopher said “Born to Shine was created by our Lighthouse team at the beginning of the year. We have tried hard to incorporate our beliefs around leadership that all kids have genius and all kids can shine in their own special way. We want to make sure all kids have a way to showcase their talents and passions at Orchard Hill. A traditional talent show doesn’t allow for that. Every grade level came up with an idea of how to showcase each child.  Some grade levels made self portraits, others showcased their work, some made videos of their talents and 6th graders made Legacy Boards.” 

Parents, friends and siblings all came to look at the projects and students stood at the front door to hand out pamphlets of where each grade’s projects are in the building.

Fifth grade teacher Beth Bobeldyk said that “Students were encouraged to reflect on their passions and genius. From there, they could make a presentation, poster, video, bring things in to show and share to showcase their passions. Teachers in fifth grade checked in with students throughout the planning process. When we talked with parents throughout the night, they loved it for many reasons. Having the event at night was a huge plus. They also loved seeing that everyone had chosen something to share that they were passionate about. Overall, the teachers thought it was a great event. It was wonderful to see how each student contributed to the event. The engagement and empowerment of each child was impressive and motivating.“ 

Students set up their projects before school was done and made sure everything was ready before 4:30 when guests were allowed into the building. Everyone left at 6:30, and students took their projects home the next day. When guests were allowed in the building, they chose where they were able to go and were able to socialize and walk around at their own pace.

As Christopher said, “A traditional talent show doesn’t allow for that.” 

Orchard Hill has had a talent show almost every year for a long time. At the end of the school year everyone meets in the gym and students perform an act. Students have to audition and have the guts to go onstage and perform in front of the whole school. 

Born to Shine allowed all students to participate and show something about themselves, and more family members and friends were able to come. This allowed people to go at their own pace and only see what they want rather than sitting through a whole show.

Not only did all the students get to showcase something about themselves but they all got to participate in the neon room. Students had been working since spring break and were allowed to make any form of art that was garden related and could be made neon or fluorescent to display. 

Christopher said, “Mrs. Nolte, our art teacher, wanted to do an art show to also ‘illuminate’ leadership and go with the theme Born to Shine.’ This was one area students and families could walk through during the Born to Shine event. Every student from preschool to sixth grade had a piece of artwork in the show.” 

It is Nolte’s 15th year teaching art but her first time doing a large project. “There is no way the show would have been possible without the help of the fifth and sixth grade art leaders, a group of third graders and many other students that were willing to put in the extra time.” 

Many family members and friends attended, and Nolte said, “I really loved the open house style of the event. It was a great way for every kid to share and showcase how they shine their light.”

Christopher agreed and said, “I would definitely do it again.”

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