Perspectives vary on using Good Friday for holiday from school

Only 12 states in America recognize Good Friday as a state holiday. This means that their schools have Good Friday off; however, Iowa is not one of those states. If you don’t know what Good Friday is, it’s a holiday that Christians celebrate every year. It celebrates Jesus’ sacrifice before rising from the dead. 

So, how do the students around CF feel about not having Good Friday off? 

Freshman Kai Smith said, “I think we should have Good Friday off because it’s important to a lot of people.” 

Freshman Griffin Searfoss said, “Schools should take Good Friday off because it’s one of the most important days of the year.”

Freshman Cohen Eichorn said, “I don’t think Good Friday should be taken off because not everyone celebrates it, and it isn’t recognized as a national holiday. It’s like taking a day off for a birthday. Only a few people celebrate that specific birthday, so why should everyone not go to school for that one birthday?” 

Freshman Joshua Dowd said, “I am not religious so it didn’t particularly bother me.”

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