Freshmen making plans for upcoming formal

With the ninth grade formal approaching in just over a month for freshmen of both junior highs, many have found themselves in a rush to find the perfect dress, going shopping with friends, looking online and scouring racks of different styles and colors to find the dress that fits them best. A recent Schoology survey by the Tiger Hi-Line found that for about 26 percent of Peet freshmen, the “perfect dress” was short and either green or black, but that a variety of at least 15 colors is to be expected.

For freshman Zoe Castle, the perfect dress is bright red and knee-length with a v-cut neckline and open back. “I liked the way it looked on me,” Castle said. “I liked the color, and it fit my broad shoulders well.”

Freshman Makala Rundel has yet to find a dress that suits her, but said she is looking for a dress with a country theme. “I’m really looking forward to getting a country girl dress because I wanna do my theme as a country girl,” she said.

Freshman Adaline Ebensberger chose a less common color for her dress, but loves it nonetheless. “[My dress] is solid light yellow and low cut with a frilly bottom; it’s short, but the fabric isn’t thin,” Ebensberger said. “I loved the color. it made me happy.”

The formal, which takes place on May 14 from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. at both junior highs, is an event that over half of survey participants said they have looked forward to throughout their years at Peet. Seventy percent said they plan to attend with friends and 30 percent with a date. Although most plan to spend time with their friends before or after the formal, freshman LaTayviah Gibson will be getting ready for the dance with her parents. “My dad and stepmom are coming to help me get ready even though they haven’t been there for these kinds of moments. It’s gonna be great.”

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