Early PE allowing students to fit other classes into their schedules

Many students choose early bird PE over other PE classes. Early bird PE starts before school and is a good alternative for students who have their schedule full.  “I chose to take early bird PE because I had a full schedule, and I was not willing to drop one of my other classes in order to take the required semester of PE,” sophomore Hayden Riley said.  

Other students recommend other students to take early bird PE. “I think early bird PE is a great opportunity for sophomores coming into high school. Without it, I would not have been able to take all the classes I hoped to take in my second year of high-school. In this way, early bird also helped to free up space in my junior and senior year, making it a great option for any CFHS students,” Riley said.   “I would recommend students to take early bird PE if you don’t mind waking up early in the morning and if you want to get good parking before all the other students come,” sophomore Brianna Dotzler said.  

In early bird PE students participate in many different athletic activities such as volleyball, badminton, archery, dodgeball, basketball, running and castle ball.  

“My favorite activity so far in early bird PE is archery. I’ve never done archery before, and I think it’s pretty fun,” sophomore Ashlynn Headington said.  

Riley said, “My favorite thing about the class in general is that it wakes me up in the morning. I feel more energized and clear-headed throughout the day after completing the class.”  

Dotzler said, “My favorite thing about early bird PE is that it’s a smaller class size and you don’t have to pick between types of PE.”

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