Dog enjoys trip to Pfeiffer Park

With spring finally here and warmer weather around the corner, it’s time to step outside and smell the spring air. What better way to get outside than to go to a park, especially if you have a cute pup who loves to run.

Cena, a local rescue mutt, loves to run around and roll in the grass. He has visited many parks and loves them all. There’s so many things you can do as a tiny dog! You can chase the squirrels and birds, play fetch, roll around in dirt, go for a run with your owner and have a blast in the outside world.

At Pfeiffer Springs Park, Cena loves to run around. Going to the park is a good way to burn off some energy and to have a social life. With everyone being stuck inside due to COVID and winter coldness, it’s a perfect place to spend time with loved ones. Plus, what’s not to love about a park where dogs can see cute pups around? That sounds like my kind of paradise.

Cena would rate this park a 5/10 paws, due to the open area and all the places to smell. Sadly there were no birds to chase, but we could play fetch all together … or more like us running after him with the ball as Cena was running around and jumping all about. He loves exploring places and we went on a long walk. It’s a perfect way to burn all of our energy and have a good sleep that night.

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