Racer inspires persistence

Kennith Paul Block, age 54, is a professional rally racer with the Hoonigan racing division, and he was formerly on the Monster world rally team. Block’s first event that he participated in was Sno*Drift back in 2005 where he finished top 5. Block had five top-five finishes and placed third overall in the Group A class and fourth overall in the Rally America National Championship.

Block’s national record is 16 rally wins and 28 podiums, which means he placed somewhere between first and third, but he also has 60 starts. 

He was also known for his 1965 Mustang which has 1400 horsepower. The cars he has beaten with it is a very long list. In fact, Block had a partnership with Ford for 11 years, but this last year they ended their partnership, and he joined with Audi, but it’s still questionable if he will stay with Audi. 

Block is known for being a member of the Hoonigan Squad and is also a part-owner of DC shoes. 

He does races that are called gymkhana that have been everywhere like the local streets of Los Angeles, Dubai, San Francisco, western New York, Hollywood and many other places. These kinds of races are mostly to show off his drifting skills. 

Block has had some bad crashes, but his worst crash was in 2011 in Portugal. He flipped his car several times but still no serious injuries to him or his co driver but probably some PTSD.

It’s kind of interesting how I got hooked on him. I was bored in study hall one day and looked up drifting on YouTube, and block was suggested, and one of his best videos was on the page, so I clicked on the video, and it was the ultimate tire slaying tour and from that day I got hooked on watching him and learning from him. He inspires me to race and become a rally driver. He is always positive and enthusiastic even when he may place last. He just says it’s a bummer, and he’ll try better next year, and I would love to have the same mentality that he has.

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