Do Better. Be Better. color run set for April 16

A color run will be hosted on Saturday, April 16 at Big Woods Lake raising money for the Do Better. Be Better. scholarship program. Every year one graduating senior from Cedar Falls High School and Dunkerton High School are awarded a $1,000 scholarship with the money raised from the event. The student applicants must write an essay on how they have overcome adversity in their lives or how they significantly positively impact their community through volunteerism.  

PE teacher Jamie Smith created the foundation after her personal experience suddenly getting a stroke while pregnant in 2013. “I was in the best physical condition of my life, my blood work was exceptional, and my blood pressure and heart rate were very low.  Before this incident, I was completely healthy.  Needless to say, the stroke came as complete shock to me, my family, my friends and my doctors. The first MRI did not reveal the cause of my bleed because the large amount of blood impeded the view of what was behind it. My doctors had to wait until my follow-up MRI to get a closer look,” Smith writes on her website. “In January of 2015, Patrick and I created to the Do Better. Be Better. Foundation. In May 2016, we became an official 501c(3) Non Profit. With the help of our Do Better. Be Better. army, we organize fundraisers to help those suffering from medical emergencies. We also award scholarships to a senior from Cedar Falls High School (where I work) and Dunkerton High School, my alma mater. The scholarship is awarded to a senior who has overcome personal adversity or strives to make a positive impact in their communities through volunteer work. To date (May 2019), we have helped 110 families and awarded 10 scholarships.”

Smith said the process serves as a good way for students to practice leadership skills. “The event began in 2014. The color run was originally developed by my classmates from my alma mater, Dunkerton, and then principal, Justin Urbanek, to create a scholarship in my hometown after I suffered my first stroke,” Smith said. “Naturally, since I teach here, a partnership was formed with Cedar Falls High School and Dunkerton to not only create a scholarship for Cedar Falls Students as well, but to also plan and run the event together. The entire process serves as a great way for students from both school districts to learn and practice leadership skills and network with others.” 

Cedar Falls Student Senate and the Dunkerton High School National Honor Society plan and hold the event, as well as many local businesses donate funds and items for prizes.

The event will be held at 10 a.m., as well as an Easter egg hunt being hosted after the color run. 

Smith’s full story can be found on her website, as well as pictures shown on the Do Better. Be Better. Foundation’s Facebook page.

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