Coach, throwers reflect on years they’ve grown together

Bridgette Duffy’s first year of coaching the Cedar Falls girls throwing team was with this year’s seniors: Myah Brinker, Makayla Kinder and Paige Grainger. 

They were all freshmen when Duffy started coaching. They’ve all grown and evolved as a team together throughout the past four years. This is the girls’ last year playing for Cedar Falls. “I started coaching four years ago. Therefore this is the class I started with, and it’s been a pleasure to see what amazing ladies they have developed into,” Duffy said. “While it is hard to see the seniors go and move on to their next stage in life, it is always a fun challenge to see who is up and coming.”

Grainger moved to Cedar Falls during her sophomore year. She’s had to learn how to grow and cooperate with new and different people. “I’ve never been a stellar thrower, but I’ve always loved the sport,” she said. “Hanging out with my new friends and working out with them is my favorite thing. With this being my last year, I think I’m more sad about leaving my teammates.”

Kinder has thrown for Cedar Falls all four years of her high school career. This is her last year throwing altogether. She feels that the newer throwers will be able to rise up and take their place. “I feel a sense of accomplishment and sadness because after this, my throwing career is over,” She said, “but I have a lot of faith in the new throwers. They’ve all brought a bunch of new amazing personalities and strength to the team, and I’m really excited to compete with them.”

And lastly, there’s Cedar Falls throwing state champion Brinker. Brinker started throwing when she was in seventh grade. “I’m honestly kind of sad this is my last year throwing for CF. I missed my sophomore year due to COVID, so it made the other three years I did get that much more special,” Brinker said, “but I am really excited to continue throwing at Upper Iowa, and there are a lot of things that I have learned that will carry into college throwing.”

All three of these young women have been guiding the new throwers in the right direction. “Whoever chooses to work the hardest and stick with it will see the greatest success. I truly believe that throwing is for everyone. There is no set body type that one must have in order to be a good thrower,” Brinker said. “If you’re dedicated to a sport, anyone can be good.”

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