Architect builds immersive world in Mystery Flesh Pit

I tried to rearrange your article a bit. I didn’t have editing right, so I’m pasting what I have here, and we can look at it and add some more in class later:

Mystery Flesh Pit is the fictional multimedia creation of Trevor Roberts. In his virtual project, he has fleshed out the discovery of an enormous living organism expanding for miles in width and depth in the middle of west Texas.

The whole thing started with an old cantaloupe and a lunch break. Roberts was sitting in the break room of his architecture firm and saw an old piece of cantaloupe on the table. As he was waiting for his food to finish in the microwave, he started to think, “What if I was small? What if I was down there?” He snapped a picture, opened Photoshop and created the first version of Mystery Flesh Pit National Park.

Roberts released the information via park posters and all sorts of guides and safety posters. “The more constraints you have, the more creative you have to be,” Roberts said.

Roberts tried to create as in-depth of a world as he could and ended up creating an entire universe. This unique way of releasing information has led to some confusion about the reality of the Mystery Flesh Pit National Park, and many who stumble across his virtual world believe it’s real.

“I was always interested in world-building from a young age,” Roberts said regarding when he was exposed to campaign building. “I was raised by my grandparents, and I remember me and my grandpa would sit down and watch movies like Star Wars, and I was fascinated with the lore and depth of the background of the world.”

Roberts majored in mechanical engineering and ended up with a summer internship at the Kennedy Space Center where he realized this wasn’t the path for him, and he returned to college and majored in architecture.

Having a background in architecture really helped Roberts design a lot of the aspects of the Mystery Flesh Pit. Lots of the structures such as the lower visitors center and the flesh cave would be technically possible.

In addition to the living world, Roberts has also populated his fictional Flesh Pit with other fanciful life forms. “My favorite creature is probably the amorphous shame,” Roberts said.

The amorphous shame is a relative of a weasel that had crawled into the pit and eventually over time lost the need for a body. Now it exists as just a pile of living organs.

Another of his creatures, the abyssal copepod, has become the face of the creatures that live in the pit and over time has become something of a mascot.

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