Bands host popcorn concert

Enjoying cookies and popcorn while listening to student’s perform at the valentine’s day band showcase, or “cookie concert!” Homemade cookies and popcorn were served free of charge, as well as beverages being served at the concessions. 

Both the concert bands and both jazz bands performed including symphonic band, wind symphony, “Jazz, Too!” and Jazz One. 

 “This is the only concert we have that features jazz bands along with the concert bands. We perform in the gym, so that lets us have both concert bands and a jazz band set up simultaneously. We have card tables set up for audience seating in addition to bleacher seating,” band director Gerald Ramsey said. 

Songs played by the symphonic band were “Infinity” composed by James Curnow, “Songs of Old Kentucky” composed by Alfred Concert Band, and “Jinx” composed by Fillmore Wind Band. Songs played by the wind symphony “Chorale” composed by Clare Grundman, “Shaker Dance” composed by John Zdeclik, “Mambo” composed by Leonard Bernstein and “Pavanne” composed by Gabriel Faure. Jazz, Too! played “People Make the World Go Round” and “Cubano Chant.” Jazz One played “Autumn Leaves” by Joseph Kosma and “A Night in Tunisia” by Dizzy Gillespie.

Clarinet player Maya Johnson said that the band concert was one of her favorite yet. “I think we did a really great job performing the song ‘Jinx.’ The song is a unique variation of what a lot of band songs sound like and gives an odd and interesting feeling. We worked really hard this semester to make sure that students and parents receive a quality performance,” Johnson said. 

The musicians all played synchronized, keeping a beautiful flawless tone throughout the whole show. Musicians during the jazz performances went up to solo and freestyle for the whole crowd to listen to. A fun experience for both the listeners to enjoy their Valentines treats, as well as listening to beautiful music, and for the musicians to do what they love performing for the community. 

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