Teachers share snow day reactions

This winter there hasn’t been much snow. Some people like that and other people don’t. “I like snow because I like the seasonal climate, and it brings joy to the warmths,” Traci Walsh, an AP Human Geography teacher, said.  

“I don’t enjoy the work it brings and the cold,” Autumn Weaver, a physics teacher, said.  

Teachers like most students do enjoy having snow days. “I think they are a nice surprise day off, but I also think it depends on how many other snow days we already have,” Walsh said. 

“I do like snow days but I would prefer a late start over a cancellation or an early out over a cancellation because a late start or an early out day still counts while if it is canceled, the day doesn’t count,” Weaver said.  

Regarding what teachers do with the day off, answers varied. “I would do grading if I have; otherwise, I would take it as a day off. I like to read on snow days because it’s nice and quiet. I like to do crossword puzzles in people’s magazines,” Walsh said.  

“I enjoy sleeping in, and I’m a huge organizer, so I organize my house. I also like reading and watching Netflix on snow days,” Weaver said.  

Some people are wondering if there will still be snow days because of online school, but teachers believe that there still be snow days. “I think there will be snow days from now on because especially for elementary students it is harder for parents to plan on very short notice an online learning day,” Weaver said.  

Another question some students have is if high school students should be exempt from college classes when the high School is closed while the colleges are still open. “I think at least they should have an excused absence from it because high school students have to travel further while most students on campus live on campus,” Weaver said.

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