Students, staff react to Tiktok

Students and staff are beginning to share their thoughts about the social media platform, TikTok. Counselor Susan Langan has seen TikTok trends like slap your teacher day, destroying bathrooms and national shoot up your school day. Langan does have TikTok, but chooses not to spend a lot of time on the app. “There are nice things on the app where people share and get feedback, but there’s always negative stuff and people share inappropriate things.”

Sophomore Mya Hardman, who downloaded TikTok in 2018, uses the app as a form of entertainment like most users. She said, “Although TikTok is entertaining, it can be at times negative, especially because the content can encourage eating disorders.”

Sophomore Ryanna Mullnix has had TikTok since 2019. She hasn’t noticed the app affecting her mental health to a noticeable point. However, she does find herself procrastinating school work and things she needs to be doing because she’s on TikTok. She said, “I think it depends on the videos you see, but from my perspective, no, I don’t think TikTok is a negative platform.” For her, the app can be a positive experience. “You can see positive videos that can be inspirational such as people achieving goals and overcoming things.”

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