Students recount highlights from first semester

Seniors form many memories throughout their final year of highschool. Semester one at Cedar Falls High School is coming to a close, and seniors final semester of high school begins. Memories from throughout the year so far start to come through their minds. Fall sports and other extracurricular activities from fall have ended. Athletic and academic accomplishments are a significant memory for any student. Seniors and other students who have had major accomplishments at Cedar Falls High School are sharing their most memorable moments from their 2021 year. 

Kate Galyen, a sophomore who participates in band, decided to audition to be a part of the Iowa All-State Music Festival toward the end of October. She was accepted into the Festival without a recall to come into the second part of the admission processes. In most situations individuals in orchestra that are string or choir students do not get asked to attend recall auditions. However, band students, like Galyen, are more likely to be asked to recall, and she was not. She was notified before the second audition that she had already got accepted into the Iowa All-State Music Festival. Galyen said, “It was a super exciting moment to know that all of my hard work was able to pay off.”

Senior Kyrah Breann has many memories throughout her years attending the school. The summer right before her senior year, she enjoyed a trip with her family. On the trip, Breann and her family went kayaking where they found an abandoned house on the river. During her last first semester, Breann really enjoyed going to her final homecoming with all her friends. It was a fun experience for Breann to dance and hang out with people that she had never been close to before that night. One of Breann’s biggest accomplishments this year has been getting into Iowa State University to become a veterinarian. Breann has been interested in becoming a veterinarian since the age of 8. Breann said, “I have always loved animals, and once I found out that there was a job out there where I could help animals every day, I knew that that’s what I wanted to do.”

Another senior, Calyn Krecklow, said, “Going into my senior year I was clueless on where I wanted to go to school or what I wanted my career to be.” She decided the summer before her senior year to take a course at the high school called CAPS education. This class gave Krecklow experience in active classrooms. Over the course, Krecklow went into three different classrooms at different schools. It gave calyn enough experience to help give her a push for her further education and eventual career path. Krecklow will now be attending Hawkeye Community College in fall of 2022. After she completes her general education through Hawkeye, Krecklow plans to transfer to University of Northern Iowa for lower elementary teaching.

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