Cedar Bend Humane Society kicks off Valentine’s Day fundraiser

The Cedar Bend Humane Society is a nonprofit community-dependent organization that helps local homeless animals find a home. Recently the Humane Society has been nearing capacity for their pets and they don’t always have the resources to take care of all these pets. 

One way you can help out is by donating. Financial donations are the most helpful kind because then the staff can spend that money on what they need at the time. For physical donations, they say they are most in need of the items that people don’t think about, like cleaning products, paper towels, toilet paper, floor squeegees and poop scrapers. 

Almost anything helps, but a small percentage of items the Humane Society can’t or won’t take include toys with choking hazards or things that need supervision to be around the animals. 

To help with all the unadopted animals the Humane Society is gearing up for their annual Valentine’s Day fundraiser from Feb. 7 until Valentine’s Day, spend just $10 and buy a valentine for a shelter pet. In the meantime, some ways you can donate are via the donate button on their website and social media or in person at the Cedar Bend Humane Society either in the main building or the intake building with a white fence, and they also have an Amazon wishlist for those wanting to give something physical but are unable to come in person. 



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