Peet’s holiday door decorating underway

Every year Peet Junior High has an interesting way of celebrating Christmas. One of the ways they celebrate is through decorating the doors of different classrooms during tiger time. In past years, there have been many different creative ideas. Last year, many students came up with creative ideas that relating to what’s on today like the “quaran-tree” that was on the door of room 19. The tree on this door was no normal Christmas tree. It had masks hanging on the tree like little ornaments. It was the perfect way to mix a modern day issue with a little bit of humor and a little bit of Christmas. 

Two years ago, there were also some very interesting door decorations. One door had a big paper version of the polar express, another had a very well drawn picture of snoopy from Charlie Brown. There have been many great ideas but one is always considered the best and wins the “best door” award. Although only one door gets the award some students have multiple favorites. 

“I really liked the quaran-tree from last year but I also really liked the polar express one,” says Peet Junior High freshman Cat Dierks.

Recently, students have begun decorating their doors and are getting ready to win the competition. Students hope this year, they’ll be able to have ideas as amazing as they’ve done in the past.

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