House of Hope preparing for growing needs as winter nears

As the winter months approach, so does the busiest time for 845 W. 4th Street in Waterloo, known as House of Hope. House of Hope provides support for single mothers and women who have passed the age of foster care and are in need of resources or housing. 

House of Hope’s mission is to stop the epidemic of homelessness, especially in single mothers who are struggling in their current financial situation. “Transitional housing, individualized case management and resources to achieve secure families, independence and permanent homes,” is what House of Hope stands for, said Dusky Steele, development coordinator. 

The colder months provide many challenges for families and for House of Hope. “For client services, we receive a lot of applications and inquiries when the colder weather hits,” Steele said. 

Because of this seasonal increase of women in need of help, they have started an Outreach program. “We have two case managers who work with women on the waitlist to help find them temporary housing, referrals for services and access to resources and programs offered through House of Hope.” 

Even through this challenge, House of Hope has stuck to their promising statistics. “81% had stable employment. 100% had reliable childcare. 94% had run a credit check, created a spending plan, attended financial literacy classes and set financial goals. 100% obtained safe sustainable housing,” after going through the help of House of Hope, said Steele. 

Not only are the success rates high, but applying for help is also very easy. “Women can fill out an application online House of Hope ( If they are a good candidate for Outreach (meaning they have fewer barriers and are interested in Outreach) a case manager will get in touch with them right away.” 

These busier months also include more help needed for volunteers and donations, as well as fundraising. “Fundraising is very important to our organization because we are locally funded, meaning we do not accept government funding on any level, so all our funding comes right from the community through local grants, individual contributions and fundraising events,” Steele said. 

To get involved and help change peoples’ lives, visit their volunteer page or donate page on their website. “Volunteers should come to House of Hope to have a front row seat to watching women transform their lives. Donors should come to House of Hope to see how their dollars have an impact that spans generations.”

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