As holidays continue, grief group assists those who’ve experienced loss

For some, holiday season can bring favorite memories with loved ones that won’t be here to experience the holidays this year. Grieving is a long and hard process, and the high school is offering assistance to students in need. 

The group was started by counselor Erin Gardner and assisted by counselor Carrie Dieken. “Grief group is for any students who have experienced loss, and always there is a wide range of experiences in students that choose to join, which makes it that special,” Dieken said. 

Being able to process feelings as a group has proven to have benefits according to the counselors. Dieken and Gardner help students talk about their experiences and understand their feelings. They then teach how to use strategies and techniques to help ease the healing process. 

Many people tend to feel alone after going through the death of a loved one, but Dieken said she believes that the Grief Group can certainly help with that. “The group often becomes very close and supportive of each other when members are willing to be open and honest about feelings and experiences with grief. It certainly helps us feel like we are not alone.”

Those who’d like to join can email Dieken or Gardner. “We try to run a rotation each semester, usually six-eight weeks long, and we rotate class periods. This time we are meeting on Tuesdays,” Dieken said. 

She said the grief group reminds those who’ve experienced loss that although death is a very traumatic and hard experience, they are not alone.

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