Cedar Falls one of six locations for McDonalds trial release of McPlant burger

A plant-based burger called the McPlantwas recently announced on Nov. 3  for McDonald’s. Cedar Falls is one of just six locations in the country with this burger, as McDonalds is introducing it in these locations as a trial run. 

The burger alone costs $5.49, but for the meal, it is $8.49. After ordering the McPlant, it was presented in the usual brown cardboard box. However, I noticed that setting the burger differently from the rest was how the box was designed. In a usual box, there will be a design related to the item ordered, but it was handed out in a plain box with nothing illustrated on it for this particular burger.  

The burger consists of your usual buns, shredded lettuce, tomato, pickle slices and so on. If you are not a fan of onions, this burger probably would not be the best choice, considering it has many onions. 

Now for the show’s star. The burger itself is cooked on the same grill as every other burger. It was created with water, potato starch, apple extract, beet juice and other plant-based ingredients. 

The taste itself is sweet and unique; there is a flavor difference between a real burger and a veggie. The burger is thin and softer than an actual meat burger. I will recommend trying this burger for meat lovers. It is worth the $5 considering it does give off a meat-like sensation, but as a meat lover myself, I would rather stick to the real stuff than fake.

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