Friends of the Waterloo Library book sales worth checking out

When it comes to book sales, the Waterloo Public Library isn’t messing around. On Oct. 2, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., the library hosted its next book sale, with thousands of titles on the shelves. 

Returning from a harsh year of COVID-19 and four missed sales, the public library is back and ready to deliver novels for cheap prices. The price for books was $5 per grocery bag of books, and those purchasing two bags of books could pick up another third bag for free. 

Many books are being sold at the library, with many different genres for many different ages. Even movies, VHS tapes, audio cassettes and audio books are available, with the same deal as the books. The Friends Of The Library mainly sponsor and volunteer for the event, and the Waterloo Public Library benefits from the money collected from the sold books.

People might be surprised to know that some of the books come from the Cedar Falls Public Library’s Book Nook too. Many of the books being sold haven’t had original owners for years and need good readers to take them home; some of the books’ lifespans range since the 1950s, so for book collectors, this book sale was a great opportunity for some classic volumes.

For those who missed this specific book sale, there isn’t any need to worry because the sale is happening again in a few months. There are four sales per year, with dates which are released on the Waterloo Public Library website as well as the monthly newsletter via email. The four sales occur in February, June, September and October.

So next time the need for books strikes, make sure to head to the Waterloo Public Library and check out their great selection of books, audio books, movies, VHS tapes and audio cassettes.

Photo by Annie Seery

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