As you head out to haunted houses this month, stick to these rules for fun

No one loves haunted houses more than the scare-actors who make them come alive, but sadly that love can be tainted when patrons mistreat them and their beloved haunt. To help make sure you and your scare-actors have a great experience, here are some tips on how to act in a haunt. If you follow these rules it is guaranteed you will have a great time. 

  1. Keep your hands to yourself. Yeah, sure it’s fun to poke the monsters or slap the animatronic that scared you but don’t. One, these are real people, and they don’t need to be punched, slapped or felt up because you think it’s funny. Two, these animatronics are old and expensive to repair. You hitting them because you got scared makes it even harder to keep using them, which could kill an entire scare section. 
  2. Watch what you say to actors. Remember scare-actors don’t get paid; they haunt because they love to, so they don’t need to be cursed out and threatened. You signed up to get scared, and they are just doing their jobs, so watch it. 
  3. Don’t force little kids in. If you have little siblings, cousins or charges that you want to bring to a haunt, that’s fantastic. Scare-actors love kids; however, do not force that baby to go through if they are screaming, crying and terrified. Their consent matters, and if they don’t want to go through, unless you have someone you can leave them with, you don’t get to.
  4. Don’t come in intoxicated. Don’t show up drunk, stoned, tripping or anything else. There isn’t much to say here: just don’t show up high. It’s not cool, and it’s just annoying to deal with.
  5. Pick up after yourself. Now if you read the rules you already know you aren’t allowed to bring food or drinks into the actual haunt, but somehow there is always lots of trash still in the haunt hallways, so if you bring any kind of trash with you into the haunt, pick it up and take it through with you or just throw it away in the first place. 
  6. Joke around with the scare-actors. If you need to interact with the scare-actors to keep your chill, it can be guaranteed that joking is much more preferred compared to yelling. Remember a good amount of the volunteers are high school students, so yelling memes will work half the time. Also, if they are doubled over laughing, they can’t scare you. 
  7. Frankly, just follow the rules. Follow the rules and you will have a great time.

I hope these tips help you have a great time in your haunted house endeavors. Happy screaming.

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