Word Wizards assemble at CF Library

Word Wizards, a monthly event taking place at the Cedar Falls Public Library on Sept. 29 at 3 p.m., is a youth program at the public library for children 12 and younger, and has an interesting legacy behind it. Word Wizards was mainly started to bring young creative writers together to learn from each other in an easy and accessible way. The club teaches young writers while introducing new ideas to experienced writers.

The program was originally initiated by Tait Larson, a library assistant who worked at the Cedar Falls Public Library. “Tait had a history with English/writing, so he had the idea to start up a club where kids could learn about creative writing and share their work with their peers,” said Anastasia Parsons, a youth administrator at the Cedar Falls Public Library. 

Parsons said she wishes to continue the impact that the program has on the Cedar Falls community’s youth. “Word Wizards is designed to help spark a love of writing in children by providing a safe space for them to learn, explore their own creativity and share what they’re working on,” she said.

The monthly club had a recent rebirth since COVID-19, and Parsons is ready to commence the first meeting of the year. She said, “As a child, I had a passion for creative writing. I loved inventing new worlds and stories and seeing them come to life on a page. There was a period of time in my youth where I almost always carried a notebook and a pen with me in case an idea struck. Imagination is a wonderful part of childhood, and having an outlet for it helps us grow and learn about ourselves and the world around us. By leading this program, I’ll be able to share my love for creativity, while also reconnecting with where that love originated – storytelling.”

Even those with little creative writing experience are welcomed. “This is a great program for someone new to creative writing, as a lot of our initial activities will be based around the fundamentals. If someone wanted to join the club after we’ve already met a few times, I have plenty of informational material that I’d be more than happy to share with them. This is a club for kids of all skill levels who love and/or have an interest in creative writing—any child is welcome. You can register through the event calendar on the library’s website or contact the youth desk for more info.”

No matter the skill level, Word Wizards simply aims to develop a sense of wonder, imagination, intrigue and community within the immense power of creative writing. “To me, the best part of this program is the potential for a safe creative outlet as well as a connection to a community for children with an interest in creative writing,” she said.

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