What did you do over summer break?

Senior Ethan Gruening-Fun working at the Falls. They played capture the flag, and the other team broke the rules and hid their flag in a thorn bush, which was off limits.



Junior Jazlynn Bernardy-
Over the summer, the junior went to the Falls. She went on a ride,

“I don’t know what it was called, but it was this really fun ride with this big opening in it.” She also said it was exciting because it  was her first time since COVID she got to go somewhere.


Senior Adil Arzal-“I met with some friends at Cedar Heights public park to play basketball, and they brought some of their friends. I was able to make friends over the summer that I am still close with.”



Senior Aries Barron- Aries went bowling with family and friends over the summer. “I also enjoyed playing pool with my mom.”


Junior Porsche Welton-Over the summer she went to Orlando with her family. “I stayed in a nice hotel that had a big swimming pool. I ate at a seafood restaurant. While we were there, I had California sushi rolls. We also went to the beach, and I tried boogie boarding for the first time.”



Senior Cohel Gruver- Went to a beach in Tampa with his family over the summer. “I found a sand dollar on the beach and had a great time in a nice hotel that had a big pool.”

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