West Nile case on the rise

In 1937 in Uganda, a woman caught a mosquito virus while in the West Nile side of Uganda. Now, 84 years later, the virus is titled the West Nile virus, and it has spread to Black Hawk County. 

On Wednesday, Sept. 15, the Black Hawk County Health Department warned the citizens of Black Hawk County to look out for the rising levels of the West Nile virus in Black Hawk. This means that the virus has gotten to where it is more pervasive. 

The simplest way to protect oneself is by reapplying insect repellent throughout the day. Another great way to help stay safe is by wearing long sleeve shirts and pants. This way, it will be a lot harder for mosquitoes to bite.
Along with these protections, it’s good not to attract more mosquitoes to our homes. Mosquitoes are attracted to unchlorinated water and sweet smells like perfumes. 

These are things to keep in mind as the virus spreads throughout Iowa and Black Hawk County. Use discernment and stay safe out there.

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