Volunteer club making plans for new projects

The volunteer club gathers in room 106 during power hour every Tuesday to make plans on how to help the community this week.  

Each week a group of volunteer club members go out to the community to help small businesses and food banks, and also to pick up trash.  

“We usually work after school and on the weekends, and the members will volunteer whenever they have time,” volunteer club president Klaertje Hesselink said.  

The club members ask around the community looking for different volunteer opportunities and bring them to the meeting. Over 25 students will discuss how and when to do the different activities and work together to help the community.  

Just last weekend there were members who were working at the food bank as well as doing a trash pick-up around Walgreens.  

All students are welcome to join, according to Hesselink. “I think if anyone has the time to volunteer, it would be great if they could join the club. The volunteer club is so warm and welcoming, and we are always looking to have more people join so that we can make a positive difference.”  

With over 25 students in the volunteer club so far, they are already working on multiple volunteer projects. Right now the group is thinking about how to get the CFHS recycling back together and how to implement composting the food waste from the cafeteria.  

The volunteer club is also in the process of implementing a tutoring program during power hour or after school at the CFHS.  They will tutor the most subjects and are excited to get things started.  

“I’m very passionate about giving back to my community and feel blessed that this club gives me a chance to do so alongside my peers,” volunteer club vice president Akshat Mehta said. 

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