Fourth annual car drives into town

People of all ages strolled down Main Street last Sunday, Sept. 12 at the Fourth Annual Shine and Show, an event that allowed local residents to display their recently restored cars for the public to view. A wide variety of cars were on display, ranging from a century old to newly bought, Corvettes to Mustangs.

Among the spectators and proud owners was local auctioneer Jim Volgarino, who was displaying a replica of a race car from the 1930s and a 1931 Ford with parts used in racing engines. Although he didn’t personally restore the cars he was selling, he’s been restoring some of his own since he was a kid, and his story is nothing short of personal. “When I was 12 years old, my grandfather opened up the hood of his 1957 Oldsmobile. I’d never looked under the hood of one of those. When I saw that engine, I thought, ‘I’ve gotta know more about that.’ I was smitten,” Volgarino said. Since then, he’s been restoring and selling cars as an auctioneer and never looked back.

Down the street through the sea of cars was Don Timmerman, who was showcasing his 1929 Chrysler Series 52, which he bought in 2013, seven years after its renovation was completed. His car had been originally built with a six cylinder engine and wood spoke wheels and sold for $750. Now, his car is outfitted with a leather interior, AM/FM radio and a heating and air conditioning unit. With his car, Timmerman has won a Best of Show award, but he said, “I bought it just to drive, but car shows are surely an added bonus.”

Volgarino and Timmerman show just two examples of how a love for cars can bring people together, spanning across generations, as seen at the Show and Shine Annual Car Show for the past four years.

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