Follow these steps for rekindling Halloween spirit

As we get older, a lot of us give up on having a good time on Halloween, but we don’t have to. The following list describes a handful of fun Halloween activities you can do not only as you eagerly await the holiday but also on the holiday itself. 

  1. Bake themed treats. Nothing makes a holiday come to life faster than baked goods, so round up some friends, family or just yourself if that’s your vibe and bake a couple of your favorite Halloween treats. 
  2. Read scary stories around a fire. What’s more fun than scaring all your friends and yourself with a couple creepy stories in the dark of the night with only the moon light and a burning pyre to keep you safe?
  3. Throw a costume party. Call up your favorite handful of friends and grab some costumes. There’s nothing better than eating snacks and playing games long into the night.
  4. Have a horror movie marathon. Put on your favorite PJ’s and curl up with some snacks and someone to cuddle with as you watch some horror movie classics.
  5. Go to a haunted house. Come get the pants scared off of ya at the Heart of Darkness Fridays and Saturdays Oct. 1-Oct. 31 (6 p.m. to midnight) and Thursdays Oct. 14-Oct. 28. Also volunteering can be fun. For the links to the volunteer page and google maps directions go here,
  6. Visit a Spirit Halloween. Go with some friends and check out all the fun costumes, merch and little treats to be found at your local Spirit Halloween. 
  7. Hold a seance. Why not spend the night of the full moon calling on the spirits with some friends? Who knows, maybe someone will join your group afterwards.
  8. Design a costume and make it. Get out your sketchbook and pencils and start drawing. Even if you don’t sew it, try going to thrift stores and costume shops and build it from pieces you find there. It’s far more fun than buying a bag costume. 
  9. Go to a pumpkin patch. Is there anything more classic than pumpkin patches? Head on out to a local pumpkin patch and pick the perfect gourd for your spooky traditions. 
  10. Help clean up a graveyard. Yeah, it’s not exactly fun, but it is spooky and a great service. Head over to your local graveyard during hours and clean up litter, place down flowers for those who look a little bare, and if you’re allowed, sit down and just embrace the vibe of peace. 
  11. Go trick or treating. Though you’re still in high school, get over yourself and go get some free candy. We only have so long before we physically can’t. 
  12. Watch nostalgic Halloween movies. Sit down and revisit some of your favorite childhood Halloween movies while snacking on some candy. 
  13. Carve pumpkins and roast the seeds. Take that pumpkin you picked up in option No.9 and carve a fun face, saying or character on it, and then scoop out the seeds, wash them up and roast them up with some salt and pepper for an autumn snack.

And there you have 13 options for a fun Halloween. Even as we age we can still have fun and get nice and creeped out. Happy Haunting. 

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