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Let’s face it, our generation is obsessed with serial killers. Last year TikTok literally spent a month bullying a suspected serial killer because we were bored in quarantine. Maybe it’s all the energy drinks or maybe it’s all the mass shootings we’ve endured since we were in pre-K, but we are seriously desensitized to this kinda crap. 

That being said, here are five of the best podcasts to feed our collective addiction to the seriously messed up world of sociopathic serial killers. 

All podcasts can be found on youtube or the following link.

  1. Buzzfeed Unsolved. Buzzfeed Unsolved is a true-crime web series on YouTube. Created and written by Ryan Bergara, he co-hosts the show with his friend Shane Madeja. The show has two variants. Buzzfeed Unsolved: True Crime and Buzzfeed Unsolved: Supernatural. The former being a more podcast review of crimes with hypotheses and jokes being thrown in and the latter having the two actually visit haunted areas and ghost hunt. 
  2. Crawlspace-True Crime & Mysteries. Crawlspace is a true-crime podcast hosted by Tim Pilleri and Lance Reenstierna. They were also the people behind missing Maura Murray, another true-crime podcast. The podcast focuses on mostly missing person cases but does occasionally move into the subject of homicide, robberies and other such cases. The podcast also includes one-off interviews with criminologists, authors and even media personalities. 
  3. The Prosecutors. Different from your usual true-crime podcast, the hosts of this show, Alice and Brett (the last names redacted), are both prosecutors. On the show, they bring a professional perspective when making theories about some of the most famous cold cases in history. The cases the cover span from murder to missing to mayhem and more.
  4. My Fathers Crimes. This podcast seems like a mystery itself. The host does not describe the podcast or themself just that they worked in forensics. There is no bio and the episodes are all strangely labeled. The episodes play like a diary, and it’s chilling to listen to. 
  5. The Serial Killer Files—A web series on YouTube run by Rob Gavagan, the serial killer files is a show that covers some of the most iconic serial killers. The show is not theory-based like others and instead delves deep into the mind and past of the killers, telling the audience about their past, their crimes and often their deaths.

And those are the top five web series/true crime podcasts, so go grab a snack, turn off the lights and give them a listen.

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