Jazz One receives statewide honor

Jazz One has had the special honor of being selected to play at this year’s 94th annual IBA conference held in Des Moines. 

IBA is a professional conference in Des Moines where band directors from across the state meet to attend clinics from leading educators across the country. From there they see music industry demonstrations and attend professional concerts. 

“IBA has a panel of educators from across the state to meet to select bands to perform for the conference each year. They only take one jazz band from the entire state, and this year, that jazz band was CF Jazz One,” band director Kyle Engelhardt said. 

Each jazz band wanting to be considered was required to send in a 15 minute recording of their playing by Feb. 1. 

Jazz One was selected to play a 45 minute set of music in May. Normally, they would be headed to perform in Des Moines, but because of Corona restrictions they are set to perform in the high school auditorium with friends and family able to attend in the audience. 

Jazz One is an extracurricular ensemble. They rehearse outside of school hours on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. When they don’t have rehearsal, almost all the students practice their jazz music on their own time. 

The dynamic between our director and the students is pure fun. Because it is a jazz band and it is extra, the people who are there actually want to be. Mr. Englehardt is such a cheerful guy, so when we get to practicing it is really fun coming together as a group.” Trombone Liam Hendrickson said. 

“In Jazz One, all of the students, and Mr. Engelhardt, work hard to make great music together. Since it’s such a small group, it’s easy for everyone to know each other. Mr. Engelhardt has a great relationship with each of us too. All of these things make jazz band a lot more fun for all of us.” Henry Rouw, a trombone player for Jazz One said. 

“The jazz bands get better every week, and it is fun to hear their progress as we work on different music. When we first started playing together this year, it was difficult with the extra distance between players, musician masks and bell covers on the instruments, but we have seemed to have settled into a solid routine at this point. The students in Jazz One work hard to really make the music come alive. It’s a fun group of students.They’re cool people, have a genuine affinity for each other and love the music,” Engelhardt said. 


The students in Jazz One are listed below:
Luke Meyer, Alto Sax

Gabby Townsend, Alto Sax

Ben Shockley, Tenor Sax

Ethan Gruening, Tenor Sax

Jill Kestner, Bari Sax

Dante Verastugi, Trumpet

Jace Barry, Trumpet

Pascal Cuhat, Trumpet

Isaac Morlan, Trumpet

Lucas Johnson, Trumpet

Liam Hendrickson, Trombone

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