Women’s swimming’s success

Winning state is all the Cedar Falls women’s swimming team can think of.  Their undefeated season has only been getting them prepared for this. They still have more meets though, they have a diving super meet on Saturday Oct. 17, at Marshalltown.

Their huge success could be because of their new coach or great swimmers.  “(Chelsea Szczerbak) Really emphasized the idea of being not just a team, but a family,” Malaro says. “Because of this, I think our team has a higher morale than years prior and we all want to work hard and encourage each other to do our best. We have 10 practices and spend around 20 hours in the pool a week so maintaining an uplifting environment is important.”  

Kendall leads the team with the fastest 100-yard butterfly, 200-yard freestyle, and the 200-yard individual medley. Kendall started swimming competitively 9 years ago, with the BLAST swim club. “One word to describe the swim team this year is “accomplished” because we have broken many barriers as a team and are doing very well this season,” Malaro says.

Last year the Women’s swimming team finished 7th, with 127 power points. “Powerpoints” is a scoring system that measures the quality of a performance, based on the NISCA National Dual Meet Ranking Program. It allows a more accurate comparison of individual athlete performance regardless of stoke or distance, even diving. It also allows for team performance regardless if the teams have competed against one another. The faster the time, the higher the point value.

The state journey for them begins on Nov. 5, which is the regional diving championship. On the seventh the swimming championship takes place. If all goes well the Tigers should be in the State diving and swimming championships on Nov. 13 and 14.

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