Black Student Union starting up in CF

Senior Daniel Xavier and juniors Ahmad Madlock and Joshua Mitchell have formed a new club called BSU. BSU stands for Black Student Union. 

Xavier said, “The big goal of this new club is to get a better base of black community in the school. We want to bring more of our culture to the school and celebrate black culture.” 

This club welcomes any members to join and to help spread their message. The club gathers to discuss their stories of how Black students have been treated and then comes up with plans to help make sure that all students are treated fairly. 

Sophomore BSU member Amya Thornton shared a story from childhood about how she was threatened because of her skin color. She said, “These kids said that my family was violent and aggressive because of our ‘black side.’ They often called us ‘Darkie’ and laughed. It bothered me a lot, and what I would do was I would try to educate them on black history. I would tell them that I am their equal.” 

The BSU members want to ensure that people are held accountable for their actions. Another member, senior Jamari Klime said, “I came to this group because I believe that together we can change this.” 

The BSU plans to meet every Friday during Powerhour in either the library or the broadcasting room. Future topics that are going to be discussed include usage of the N word, counselor involvement and more student action. 

Founding member Daniel Xavier said he wants everyone to keep this message in mind, “Many hands make light work.”

The members of the club so far include;

Maraya Garcia – Sophomore  

Anica Hendricksin – Sophomore

Amya Thornton – Sophomore 

Ahmad Madlock – Junior

Ande Mcmorris – Junior 

Daniel Asibey – Junior

Anisia Smith – Junior

Olivia Poe – Junior 

Joshua Mitchell – Junior

Shawntelly Johnson – Junior

Jamari Klime – Senior

Javier Acevedo’reed – Senior 

Daniel Mitchell – Senior

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