YouTube Web Series Sander Sides Fourth Anniversary

Former Vine, now Youtube star Thomas Sanders posted “My True Identity!” four years ago on Oct 19. This almost six-minute video would be the start to an elaborate series where Sanders talks to aspects of his own personality while trying to live his everyday life. 

Sander Sides started off with Sanders introducing three parts of his personality: his Logic, his Morality and his Creativity. All three of these characters have been seen in his past Vines: Logic as the teacher character, Morality as the dad character and finally Creativity as the prince.

Logic is the serious side of Sanders, often talking the other sides and Sanders out of doing impulsive moves with his knowledge. Morality, on the other hand, is much more silly and loves puns much more. Morality represents the heart and often acts without much thought behind it. Finally, Creativity is the source of Sanders’s dreams, passions and romantic thoughts. He is presented as a Prince from Sanders’s love for all things Disney.

In the third installment in the series, “Taking on ANXIETY with Lilly Singh!!” we meet a completely new character, his Anxiety. Quickly, Anxiety becomes the antagonist of the series, with Creativity showing his immediate dislike of him in the video. 

Anxiety questions everything Sanders and the other sides do, making Sanders wonder if he is doing the right thing. He brings up Sanders’s fears and often is seen on the wrong side of arguments.

With these four aspects of himself, Sanders has to balance many different obstacles in his life, which becomes the topic of every episode. Each episode, despite the many jokes and silly moments, ends up having a greater lesson to it. From why we get out of bed each morning to the rights and wrongs of being selfish, Sander Sides covers a wide variety of topics.

Sanders posted to his community tab, “Four years since the first Sander Sides episode. And to still be able to create for this incredible series and have it be appreciated by so many amazing people … it’s the greatest gift we could ever ask for. I truly can /not/ thank you all enough for the support.”

The series is ongoing and now has 40 videos in it, including behind the scenes bloopers. There is a great deal of production going into each episode, making each release months apart, but fans have learned to stay patient throughout. The latest episode, released nine days before the fourth anniversary, is called “Flirting with Social Anxiety”

As Sander says, “I can’t wait for what’s around the bend with this series. And I can’t wait to show you all. None of it truly would be possible without you.”

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