Holmes counselor receives state honor

From calming student worries to celebrating their victories in and out of school, Holmes counselor Angela Wittmer was chosen as the best choice for the Iowa Middle School Counselor of the Year Award. 

Peet counselor Becky Lins nominated Wittmer for this award through the Iowa School Counselor Association. Lins has received this award in the past as well. 

Wittmer had found out about the nomination during quarantine. “I just couldn’t believe it. It was just such sweet timing, when we went into shutdown, it was just hard to lose that piece of my everyday life,” Wittmer said. “I felt so helpless, so this was a nice pick me up.”

Wittmer said she was very hesitant to move forward with her nominee form. She was doubting her work and didn’t believe she had a chance at winning the award, Wittmer went to talk with her dad and he gave her this advice. “This will never happen again, so enjoy it while it’s here.” Holding onto the nomination until the last minute, she had made the decision to fill out her acceptance form the day before it was due. 

The award is always presented at the Iowa School Counselor Conference. The conference will be held online this year due to COVID-19. Wittmer will be receiving her award around the beginning of November. 

Wittmer has been a counselor for many years, but now is in charge of the Success Center at Holmes Junior High, and she said she is very happy in her new position. “Now, I can just spend time with kids. It’s the best parts of counseling and teaching all rolled into one.”

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