During COVID, wear a mask to protect others

COVID-19 is more than just a word. It really can’t hurt you. 

Yes, it is really not that bad for people our age, yet it poses great risk to elderly people. Think of your grandparents getting sick, and if they get it in combination with other risk factors, they have a high risk of death, so why do we still not wear our masks correctly? 

I have seen this first hand working at Pablos and at school. Has COVID mainstreamed faking a disease? Every person we get in Pablos usually claims to have some form of asthma. Although if you really do have asthma, why would you be out not wearing a mask? There are also alternatives to wearing a mask like wearing a face shield.

Some say the masks are uncomfortable. Well, I believe something is uncomfortable and that is having coronavirus.

I believe that if you refuse to wear a mask or face shield you are an entitled little kid. I hear those that think that they are degrading themselves from tyranny by avoiding a mask, but in reality they are being karens. Especially with these anti-mask rallys, I wonder how some vets are feeling knowing that they had to wear gas masks for days while getting mustard  gas thrown at them. 

Now people refuse to wear a piece of cloth over their face for like 15 minutes. Writing this article, I have worn a mask for 98 minutes since school started, and I feel fine. I wear one for seven hours a day, and one of my co-workers wears one for 15 hours a day, and he is still alive. 

Some people that refuse to wear a mask do so because they say that it will increase their CO2 intake and lower their oxygen intake, but there are no studies that support that statement. I showered Google to find one story to back that up, and I could not find one, and, no, I do not count Facebook posts or  memes comparing wearing masks to “mouth prisons” as credible sources.


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