Counselors provide resources and student help

Each and every day, school counselors work hard to achieve, maximize and maintain each and every student’s potential. During these difficult times counselors flourish and really begin to stand out. While it might feel scary to go up and talk to them by taking that first step, they offer a wide variety of assistance. 

Of course, counselors are there to help with advice and scheduling, but there are a lot more opportunities in the counselor’s office than you may be aware of. With college applications being due soon, many students find themselves struggling. This week  UNI, Aberlin, Bowdoin, Northern College and Saint Olaf are all doing virtual visits. There will be representatives online available to collaborate with students and assist in any means possible. Hawkeye will be sending a representative in person every Tuesday for those who may not be very fond of the virtual world. 

The counseling department also provides free information and prep guides for the ACT, SAT and PSAT. Books are available for check out at any time. The counseling office is connected with many agencies and different types of people. They often work with different colleges and an abundance of workplaces.

There is also a police officer available for safety concerns. Officer Clint Ferguson can be found in the counseling office. His email is always open to anyone who may feel the need to contact a safety worker. His email is His office is also open during school hours just like the counselors. 

The coronavirus has changed the way counselors and students connect. For virtual students, contact information is still available and meetings can be set up. For students who attend school, they may still drop by before school, after school or Power Hour, but there is a sign in and out sheet so educators can track who came in and out in the case of an outbreak. 

This year there will be no gatherings or assemblies of any sort which makes it difficult for counselors to meet with students and share information; however, groups such as grief groups or friendship groups will be virtually formed and led by counselors. Preparations are currently being made for these groups. As of right now many of the counselors participate in leading a lot of the schools clubs such as SAGA and Student Senate. 

All in all, the counseling department has an abundance of resources to offer that many students should take advantage of. The counseling world is broken up into three domains: the academic domain, social/emotional domain and college/career ready domain. Counselor Carrie Dieken said, “Everything has pros and cons this year. I want students to have every opportunity to be successful.”  

For more information or contact information, see the link below.


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