Peet freshman using live music stream to uplift community

Peet freshman Carter Guse has been hosting Instagram lives on his account every Friday night at 7 p.m. since the start of quarantine. Performing a range of different songs with his guitar in hand, Guse puts on a show to entertain people in this time where joy can be sparse. 

Music has always been important to Guse, playing guitar since the second grade and singing well before that. “I don’t remember a time I wasn’t singing,” Guse said. 

Also playing piano and drums, Guse said playing a variety of instruments has helped him write some of his own music. “It allows me to be creative and express myself. I like to perform and create my own songs,” Guse said.

Drawing from inspiration when it comes to his own music and flare, Guse said he admires artists such as John Denver, Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly, Journey and Elvis. 

On his live streams, Guse said he’s played a variety of music. Crossing genres and decades, Guse said some of his repertoire dates back to the ’50s and ’60s while also playing some jams from the ’70s and ’80s and even some current hits. Busting out a couple of originals, Guse said he’s really enjoyed the opportunity to play some of the songs he’s written himself.

The reason behind his recent live streams is, Guse said,his longing to give back to his community. “This community has let me perform gigs and at other events downtown. I thought it would be fun to spread some joy and feature some businesses,” Guse said. 

More than giving back, Guse said he aims to “spread some happiness to people who can’t get out due to COVID-19.”

Trying to support and promote local businesses during his live stream as well, Guse said he’s worked to help multiple small businesses found on Main Street while also giving a shout out to the man who showed him the ropes on the guitar. Guse said he’s promoted “Cup of Joe, Cedar Falls Maidrite, Pursenality, Montage/CF Brown Bottle and a big thanks to Jim Miller, my guitar teacher.”

More than just a hobby, Guse said he wishes to turn music into a real future for himself. “I hope to pursue music as a career. I hope to perform or do musical production whether that is in a studio or gigs,” Guse said. “Music has been a passion of mine my whole life.” 

Sharing his love of music through his Instagram lives, Guse said there’s nothing better than the feeling of playing while also being able to give back. 

“I appreciate the joy that it brings to others and myself. When I’m playing, I love the feeling of getting lost in the music,” Guse said.

Follow his instagram @carterguse or find him on YouTube “Carter Guse” to see his previous live streams and keep up with those that are upcoming.


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