Exceptional Effort Award recipients reflect on win

Although they were recognized for a variety of reasons, all four of these award winners have in common their drive to make CFHS a better place. 

Karen Miller received the EEA for all of her help in the library. She never fails to greet students with a smile and offer them a hand in whatever they need. Both students and staff agree that she is extremely kind and always eager to assist. Miller always has such a positive energy that influences those around her by brightening their day.

“Shock. I was shocked. I felt very honored and very humbled.”

Senior Sofia Muñoz is a beam of light for anyone that knows her. Whether it’s in the classroom or at the bowling alley, Muñoz radiates a positive energy that influences her peers. With her great attitude and consistent kindness, Muñoz gives others the confidence boost they need to go on with their day. Respectfully giving her teammates pointers, Muñoz is a kind of captain that not only makes her teammates better bowlers, but also better people.

“I was so sprised. Hearing the nomination read made my day to see how I was impacting others. Seeing that I made a difference in someone else’s life was an honor.”

Junior Cheyenne Donaldson possesses exceptional qualities as both a student and a friend. As a leader in MVP, she aims to create a safe environment where students can be their true selves. Donaldson is extremely loyal, compassionate and positive. She never fails to make her friends feel better and pick someone up when they’re feeling down.

“I was really in shock. I wasn’t expecting the award.  It was nice to feel recognized because I do try really hard in school. I also do my best to try to be there for others when they need it.”

Sophomore Parker Wolfe always has a smile on his face, and the goal to help those around him in his mind. Being both kind and respectful, Wolfe sticks up for who/what he believes in. He somehow manages to help his classmates and peers succeed in everything they do while also maintaining exceptional grades himself. Selflessly, Wolfe works hard to help others achieve their goals while striving to do so himself.

“I felt very honored and grateful that my hard work was being recognized.”

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