Seniors discuss plans for their post high school life

With half of the school year over, many seniors are thinking about what they will do after high school. These four seniors have different plans for life after highschool.

Senior Emerson Green plans to go to the University of Northern Iowa to play basketball and major in sports psychology and minor in elementary physical education. “I made my decision because I love UNI, and I always have. The campus is the perfect size, and I love the coaching staff. I feel kind of ready thanks for CAPS,” Green said. 

Senior Austin Cross plans to go to Iowa State University on a full ride scholarship from the Marine Corps and major in mechanical engineering. “I applied for this scholarship because I wanted to serve my country as well as get any education, and I do feel ready to go into the real world as I feel as if I have been well prepared by a variety of people,” Cross said. 

Senior Keyshawn Mosley plans to go to a four-year college and study medicine and physical therapy. He will also play Division 3 football. “I really just like the bond I have with football. I feel 100 percent ready to start a new chapter in my life. High school has definitely helped a lot,” Mosley said

Senior Collin Bohnenkamp plans to go to Truman State to study pre medicine and play football. He will finish his studies at the University of Iowa. “After talking to many coaches and visiting many different colleges, Truman fits most of my needs for a college experience,” Bohnenkamp said. “Like everyone, I’m nervous, but I’m hoping after CAPS this semester I’ll learn more professional and communication skills that will help me in the real world.”

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