Glow is essence of highlighting beauty

Hard Candy Highlighter Just Glow! is one of a number of good options to create the contours you need.

Highlighter is a make up technique that is often used in conjunction with contouring to create shadows and highlights giving your face more depth. Highlighting adds light to your face that pulls those areas forward, making that area more prominent and giving it a glow.

The goal is to bring the tops of your cheekbones, top of your Cupid’s bow and the bridge of your nose forward so that they are more noticeable. As beauty blogger, Erica Ardali, said,”My highlighter is the high-light of the party.” This statement shares how important highlighter has become in the make up world since 2016.

Highlighters come in a liquid, creamy compact powder or a powder palette. Creams are best used on dry skin where they can be applied before or after foundation. The powder formula is better for oilier skin types and should be applied last. Liquid highlighter should be used before your foundation for a pretty all over glow.

One highlighter powder palette by Hard Candy is called Just Glow! Meet me in Tahiti. This product is good because it includes a brush with the three highlighting colors. One drawback of this palette is that you really need to use all of the colors to get a bright, summery glow. Any time that you use just one or two of the colors, the overall look is dim and not vibrant like highlighter should be.

Fenty Beauty offers a duo highlighter compact that contains the two colors Chic Phreak and Girl Next Door. Chic Phreak does have more of a glow than the Girl Next Door; however, the overall impact of this highlighter is rather dull. 

I found that these two colors seemed more like blush on my skin and less like a highlighter that would pop out the key areas of my face.

Ultra Beauty sells highlighting drops, which are different than most highlighters. These drops are very high on the luminous scale, which can be great if applied well. When using this product, it is important to note that it takes work to blend it into your skin; otherwise, it sits on your skin and looks unnatural.

Highlighting can have a great impact on how your face appears in photographs. As people are continuing to snap selfies, the use of highlighter is unlikely to slow down.

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