Athlete of the week | Logan Wolf | Men’s Basketball

Logan Wolf | Men’s Basketball

How long have you been competatively playing basketball for? 

“Since I was really little, my dad was coaching me.” 

Who is your biggest inspiration? 

“My dad has been there for me since I was little. He has coached me basically until high school.” 

How did you feel as you realized your team won the State Championship? 

“It was pretty amazing. It is hard to put it into words because it does not happen very often. It is really cool to do it two times in a row.”  

What was your biggest accomplishment from last season? 

“Winning the State Championship. It was rewarding for the whole team because we all put in effort.” 

What are your personal goals?

“I just want to continue to get better and hopefully be successful in both basketball and football.”

What was it like on the court during the State Championship game? 

“When you are playing it is kind of in the moment. It is really tense, but you just have to be smart.”

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