Peet hosts annual Black History Month events

Every year at Peet Junior High, a group of students come together to help spread the word about the importance of black history month. 

During the announcements at Peet, the kids share facts and a brief story of African Americans that have shaped America for big or small. The students have meetings talking and coordinating activities. They make posters and post them around the school telling others about the heritage that is black history month. 

Showing the progress of America and how it has grown and treated others has given great power to some to help others and lift others up. 

“Even though I truly believe that black history should extend further than February and be introduced into our curriculum more, it lets me express my love for my people and our accomplishments,” freshman Ahmad Madlock said. He is working on the committee for black history month. 

“BHM (black history month) has always opened many doors, some doors to wonderful conversations and learning opportunities. However, other doors are opened that lead to deeply rooted bigotries, hateful jokes and other situations that make for a serious up and down from a programming perspective. You almost become discouraged, but you realized why you’re doing it,” Madlock said.

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