CF family follows faith to Fla

For some, finding a church that feels like a home can be a big challenge. For the Sabino family on the other hand, creating their own church provides a great reward. The longtime residents of Cedar Falls recently found themselves relocating down south to present the life of Christ for University of Florida students.

“This move to Florida was kind of out of the blue,”  recent CFHS graduate Claire Sabino said. “For a few years my dad has had the desire to plant another church because he loves adventure and ‘going out on a limb for Jesus.’ A couple years ago, we thought we might move to California, back to my parents’ home state, but the Lord clearly opened doors for us to go to Florida. It’s crazy how all sorts of pieces fell together to put this thing on the tracks.”

Even with leaving behind loved ones, the family has found peace knowing their lives have been changed for the benefit of others. “There’s no doubts in any of our heads that God wants us here. I mean, the walls that fell before our feet when considering Florida proved that God was pushing us in this direction. Quite honestly, the peace in our hearts that God placed us here really sustains my family through the transition,” Sabino said.

While the new adventure means many new opportunities, it also provides challenges for all involved. “I miss the good ol’ people of Cedar Falls. I had some awesome relations at Candeo and also school friends,” Sabino said.  “Before I moved, nerves concerning the detachment of myself from my, ‘circle of people,’ really affected me. I became slightly anxious of leaving everyone.”

With everything having a new place in her life this year such as graduation from high school and moving to a new home, Sabino learned the importance of having a positive outlook on everything.  ‘’I have learned how to rest. My first semester was pretty grueling, and I was ready to clear my mind and not have anything too close on the horizon. We all work, ‘full time’ on house renovations right now, but work is good for the soul. This kind of work is far easier to tackle mentally than school work, jobs and balancing a social life,” Sabino said. “I want others to know that high school doesn’t go on to ‘haunt’ you. I still love my friends and will see them soon, but that doesn’t rule my thoughts or concerns. I love all those people, but I will make more friends, I will have new endeavors and I will keep plowing ahead with life. I didn’t know how sweet graduation would taste. I can’t wait for my friends to enter this bliss.’’

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