Athlete Of The Week – Matt Venem – Bowling

How long have you been bowling for? 

“Pretty much my whole life. Competatively I have been on a league since I was eight.” 

What has been your biggest accomplishment from this season so far?

“My biggest accomplishment from this season was bowling a 299 and breaking a school record.”

What are your personal goals?

“Personally, to make it to state one last time. Kind of like a final hoorah.”

What are some struggles you have faced in bowling? 

“Pretty much not getting the ball where I want it to go.”

Favorite memory from this or previous season?

“Going down to state sophomore year. I didn’t get to bowl that year, but the ride down was really fun.”

Are you planning on participating in bowling next year?

“I plan on going to Iowa State and doing the bowling club with them.”

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