Environmental club zeros in on campus cleanliness

E.A.T and the Volunteer Club help to pick up trash on campus.

The Environmental Awareness Team (EAT) focuses on bettering the environment and letting people be aware of how they can support it.

“The state of the environment currently has been hurt by human development, and we need to bring awareness to that and help show students how their efforts play a role in determining the fate of future conditions,” senior EAT member Rachel Dailey said.

Senior Aimee Robinsky also said, “The idea of this club was started at the end of last year. My co-leader Maya and I talked about how we wanted to start a club that brings awareness and teaches others about how we can help the environment.”

Dailey is doing even more to help the world around her, a cause that is very close to her.

“I am currently working on the 30-day calendar, and I hope that students will listen to the announcements and follow EAT social media to learn how their actions impact the environment and what they can do to help.”

Many different aspects of the club help different people and members participate in ways that work best for different schedules.

“I love the outreach and connecting with the students about this important issue and in turn seeing more students getting involved,” Sophomore Liz Shatek said.

By connecting with the earth, more appreciation for it comes to light.

“I feel that this group is really important because we only have one earth, and we should be doing all we can to preserve it and keep it green,” Shatek said

Many different projects have come to light by the appreciation as well.

Robinksy hosts and heads many projects that benefit the club and the community.

“We have been able to install some recycling bins around the school and currently we are working on getting composting in the lunchroom to combat the issue of wasted food,” Robinsky said. “We realize that it’s not enough to rely on only our club members to do all the work and know all the information. Our goal is to bring awareness and open the majority’s eyes at the issue going on in our government.”

Within the month of November, the club is implementing challenges such as shopping local and reducing waste to make the community interested in being involved.

“These challenges are a fun way to show what little effort can achieve. They are simple and short and only take a few minutes out of people’s day, but we hope that when people achieve them they realize that. That small challenge they just achieved could potentially become a habit in their daily lives,” Robinsky said.

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