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As Nov. 6 is coming near, activists and candidates become anxious that citizens over 17 and a half are registered to vote. 

The latest one can register to votes is 15 days before election day by way of mail, and to ensure that as many high school students that are eligible to vote are registered, members from both the young Democrats and Republicans clubs are hosting a voter drive this Friday all day in the library. This event will be bipartisan, so all are welcome no matter what political party they associated with.

The event will be almost completely student run, but will have some social studies teacher volunteers. Students can volunteer at the voter drive if they have a release or study hall. Young Republican club members, seniors Cole Miller and Bo Anderson, will volunteer at the voter drive during seventh hour to represent the Republican voice. “I think both sides of each political party should be available at the voter drive so students can hear about political views of each party. Then each party can answer any questions that students may have so they can make an educated decision when they vote,” Miller said. 

Junior Democrat club members, Devin O’Loughlin and Kellen Chenoweth, worked together with Youth Service America to bring the voter drive to the high school. “It’s important to get young people out voting because then politicians will actually start caring about the issues that are important to young people,” O’Loughlin said.  YSA has a campaign called ServiceVote2018 that “activates young people, aged 5-25, in the political process by connecting with their peers, voters and candidates.”  This campaign enables youth to learn more about government and political system, and it advocates engagement in the electoral process. Not only will registrants be able to register to vote, but they will also be able to fill out an absentee ballot request form. Students should know changes have been made to voting for the upcoming registration. Straight party voting, the practice of of voting for every candidate that a political party has on the general election ballot, has been taken away, as well as proof of identity and address.  All 17 and half and 18 years old who are not registered to vote should visit the library sometime during the day on Friday, Oct. 13 to ensure their voices will be heard in the upcoming election on Nov. 6. Cedar Falls High School employees can also register to vote at this time. 

“I think it is important for students to vote because many young Americans do not realize how much of a privilege and a right it is to be able to vote. Over half the countries in the world do not allow their citizens to vote, so given the chance, young Americans should vote for their leaders because it is their future,” Miller said. 

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