Athlete of the Week: Ben Bermel

How long have you been playing golf? 

“I have been playing golf since I could walk. My dad is my biggest influence. He is a golf professional.” 

Have you faced any struggles in your golfing career? 

“I mean, yeah, every season I feel like there is a struggle where there is a low part in the season, but I always come back from it knowing I can play better.”

What has been your biggest accomplishment from this season so far? 

“Getting first in our conference was pretty good. At State we didn’t play great, but I got 11th overall, so I am pretty happy with that.” 

 Favorite memory from this or previous season?

“We have a lot of fun in the van rides to meets. We are a really close team. We listen to Joe Dean’s music [a member on the men’s golf team,] and it is a lot of fun.”

Are you planning on playing golf after this year?

“I plan on playing for UNI next year for golf.”

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