Senior’s raps finding growing home

Starting with a playful mixtape on Soundcloud, senior Devin Simmons career was just beginning.

“Honestly, I started making music as a joke with my friends, but then I decided to drop one of them after my song ‘yung man’ popped off. People told me to keep going, so I did,” Simmons said.

After jokingly making lyrics, he would piece them together and show his friends, and after making beats he would “get down and rock” to his music.

“I like rapping because it’s what I grew up listening to, and it’s all I listen to mostly. I love the fast-paced beats and hard drums,” Simmons said.

Simmons career started in January of 2018.

As an upcoming rapper, he said he faced criticism, but nothing stopped him from rapping.

“When I started rapping after ‘yung man’ dropped, I faced a lot of criticism, but I still have the best support system. I gotta say my girlfriend Hanna is what motivates me most. She’s my biggest support system and keeps my head in the game when I feel like my career is moving slow,” Simmons said.

After months of rapping, Simmons started to get noticed on bigger platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music.

“Once I got noticed on Spotify and Apple Music, I knew I had made it. Hanna supported me with everything and loves that I’m making a name for myself,” Simmons said.

As Simmons became bigger in the rap game, he was offered gigs and opportunities to further his career. 

He had a chance to prove himself and make a bigger name for himself as he performed at Spicolis Reverb on Saturday, Sept. 8. 

“My concert was awesome. I had a really good turn out, and I had a lot of fun performing for all the people who came. A lot of my core fans came out, and I even met a few new people from around the region who came to support me. We all had a good time and turned up,” Simmons said.

Simmons said that his fans are one of the biggest reasons he is where he’s at.

“You never know who your real fans are until you can see the joy you bring to their face,” Simmons said.

After Simmons’ concert, his views started to increase and his name was more known around the streets and more on social media.

“One time I was in the Crossroads Mall and little boy walked up to me. He was probably around 12 years old, and he asked me if I was Devin Simmons. I said yeah, and he told me he listens to all my music and goes to school in the area. Then he asked for a picture. It felt good to make him happy,” Simmons said.

Simmons said he would like to further his career with more experience and opportunities. He has been offered some chances for a bigger career, so he’s not just known around the streets.

“Recently I got chosen to be in a rapping competition in Chicago for a chance to go to Miami and win $50,000 and a record deal, so I’m very excited about that, and I can’t wait to perform in front of well recognized judges and hopefully do well,” Simmons said.

Senior Devin Simmon’s rapping has led to increasingly wider audiences, such as on Sept. 8 when he performed at Spicolis Reverb.Simmons has released multiple projects. Such as his album “Beautiful Dark” that includes his debut song “yung man.” Simmons also has released three singles which are “Wet” “Understand it” and “Who I Am.” 

These projects are available on all music streaming apps.

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